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About TVP Dental B

Our Purpose

The Department of Health reports that 98% of Filipinos suffer from tooth decay and gum disease. Proper dental care is important. It directly affects our overall health and quality of life.

Our mission as a Filipino toothbrush company, we must market world-class quality toothbrushes at affordable prices, and promote proper dental health care to as many Filipinos we can reach to improve their overall health and their quality of life.

TVP Dental B

Brief History

TVP Dental B is a 100% Filipino-owned company, established in the year 1986 by Tomas Vergara Portillo (TVP), a month before the historic People Power Movement. TVP Dental B was the first and only toothbrush brand to sell a toothbrush with a cap at the time.

Fast forward to today, TVP Dental B continues to innovate its toothbrushes by using modern technology to help cater to the needs of Filipinos.

Learn more about our founder, Tomas Vergara Portillo (TVP), below.



Throughout its 34 years as a company, TVP Dental B was granted several accolades:

  • Tynex Quality Award (1997)The first and only toothbrush company in the Philippines to receive the award from the DuPont Company

  • Won the Children's Opportunity Grant from the Rotary Foundation, which TVP Dental B used to spearhead the Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Life oral care educational campaign, in cooperation with the Philippine Dental Association and the Rotary Club of Pasig East. The project was able to distribute toothbrushes and teach proper tooth brushing to approximately 97,000 elementary school children in Pasig City.

  • Most Outstanding Toothbrush Brand Award (2004) - Consumers’ Choice Award (Dangal ng Pilipinas Annual Awards) from Consumers League of the Philippines, Inc.

  • Best Customer Service Award (2007) - From Philippine Seven Corporation (7-11)

Who is TVP?

Tomas Vergara Portillo, or TVP for short, first started out as a provincial salesman for a soft drinks corporation. Through his hard work, he was sent to Chicago, USA to further enhance his training.

He then worked for a multinational oral care corporation as a Marketing Director and eventually became its President. 

He had dreams of building his own toothbrush company. He finished his stint as a Consultant for his last employer on December 31st, 1985. On January 1, 1986, TVP Dental B was born.